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Considering Freezing Your Eggs? Check Out Our Summer Special

Published on June 11, 2020 by SCRC Contributor
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egg freezing special

Freezing your eggs gives you the opportunity to preserve your fertility. More and more women are deciding to start building their family later in life, but there are certain risks associated with becoming pregnant at a more mature age, including miscarriage and some birth defects.

The process of cryo-vitrification, or “flash-freezing”, eggs produced when you’re young can increase the success of becoming pregnant whenever you’re ready to have children. Egg freezing is also a great option for protecting your fertility before undergoing any kind of cancer treatment. For more information on egg freezing, visit our treatment page.

What can SCRC do for me?

We are offering a special summer package that covers an entire egg freezing cycle. For $6,400 plus the price of your choice of storage, our fertility specialists can help you step your biological clock. Monthly payments start as low as $160 with approved credit, and there is no penalty for pre-payment.

SCRC is committed to helping couples and individuals build their families with the highest quality IVF care. Our practice is inclusive and proudly supports a diverse patient population.

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