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Family Reunion

Published on March 11, 2015 by Wendy Burch
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I have never been a fan of family reunions (mostly because I have a bunch of weird uncles). But the other day I had a reunion that I will never forget. Instead of getting together with blood relatives...I reconnected with the people who had taken my blood, overseen my ultrasounds, read my charts, held my hand, wiped my tears and shared my joy. I'm talking about the doctors, nurses and technicians at The Southern California Reproductive Center...who over the years, have become like family to me.

I know it may sound strange for someone to be emotional about a return visit to a doctor's office. But this isn't your ordinary doctor's office. This is a destination on a carefully mapped out fertility journey. For some, their time at SCRC will be a
a relatively quick stop over. Others (like me) will end up visiting quite often. But no matter how long the duration of your stay, the staff at SCRC always goes out of their way to make you feel welcome.

And while it's true, I was one of the 'regulars'... anyone who gets off the elevator on the 5th floor is greeted with the same warm smiles and familiar faces. Familiar—because you are going to visit here—a lot. This isn't the kind of place that calls to remind you of your annual appointment. This is the kind of place you will visit once, twice, even three times a week. Saturday mornings, you bet. Sunday appointments? Yes. A doctor will be there.

You will come to know the nurses by first names...and they know yours (and not just because it's written on a manila folder). Ultrasound technicians warmly greet you behind curtain number 1, 2 or 3 (depending on which room you are assigned). Plus, there is a whole support staff working round the clock to help you turn back time on your biological one.

I guess that's why returning to this place—with a baby in my arms—meant so much to me. I was 'coming home', and this time, I wasn't alone. You see, when I look at this baby, I realize he isn't just mine...he's the result of a whole lot of people (with a whole lot of medical degrees) working together to make my dream a reality. And although I no longer need the 'services' of SCRC ...I will always feel a part of this place.

And I know others feel the same. It's something you realize when you look down the hallway at the bulletin boards with baby pictures plastered all over them. I used to touch those pictures as I walked by...always hoping a little 'baby dust' would rub off on me. Now, a photograph of my baby is pinned up there. And, on your next appointment, if you ever feel you need a little 'dusting'...just look for his photo. You can't miss him (he's the really cute one). :)

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