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Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

Published on November 12, 2014 by Wendy Burch
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So I was standing next to some yellow police tape at a crime scene the other day (which isn't all that unusual, considering I'm a television news reporter in Los Angeles) and I was talking to some of the female reporters from the other stations. But instead of discussing the story that was developing in front of us...we began talking about what was developing inside of me.

Now, it's no secret that I'm pregnant. At 7 months, it has become more than obvious. But even before I began to show...I was talking about baby-making, egg-freezing and the frustrations of infertility.

I've spent my whole professional life telling other people's stories. In fact, I have made a pretty good living out of it. So, it just seemed natural to share the most important story of my life. The one that involved trying to get pregnant.

But here's the newsflash—my story is far from unique. Nearly 11% of women (ranging in ages from their late teens to mid 40's) have problems getting pregnant.1 So why don't more women talk about it??? After all, we talk about everything else. Think about all of the hours you've spent discussing such important topics like shoes, your dog and catfights involving cast members of the Real Housewives.

Speaking of...one of my first girlfriends to ever talk openly about egg-freezing with me, was none other than Adrienne Maloof (from Beverly Hills Housewife fame). We were friends long before the reality cameras started rolling, and she was cool enough to encourage me to invest in egg freezing.

How did she know so much about it? Because her friend, Catherine Bach, told her to get busy and put some eggs on ice (and yes, I'm referring to the Catherine who redefined hotness in her pair of "Daisy Dukes").

Just think how productive (as well as reproductive) our world could be if we each told just two friends about egg freezing, and then they told two friends...and so on...and so on. After all, there's no shame in having to struggle with fertility. In fact, as more and more of us become consumed with our careers—instead of ‘getting busy' with our baby's daddy—well then, infertility is going to be a growing concern.

And if you are not talking openly about fertility with your OBGYN every year when you get a pap smear, then shame on you (and more importantly shame on them). My 'lady doctor' —Dr. Sheryl Ross— brought up the subject every time I was in those stirrups. There's something about being in a compromising position that makes you seriously consider your options.

And that's why I want to give women something important to talk about. I don't care if the conversation comes up at a cocktail party or crime scene. If there is a siren going off in your head about your age and your eggs—then chances are, the girlfriend standing next to you is also hearing it loud and clear. So let's just start discussing it...and I guarantee, it will become less alarming.

1 http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nsfg/key_statistics/i.htm#infertility

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