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Embryo Transfer Day

Published on July 14, 2016 by Jenn and Peter
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Embryo transfer day

I couldn't sleep. I was anxious, excited and nervous. 

And then the morning of the embryo transfer I had to drink a lot of water in advance. So then I had to pee. And my bladder is already weak. So there's that.

The doctor showed us pictures of our embryos. We had two grade A embryos and a couple of B's. He suggested we put both A's in and so that's what we did. 

Peter was outvoted. He's not the best at math, but he said that if we want one child shouldn't we transfer one embryo? I think he almost passed out. He was leaning against the wall as the doctor transferred both embryos. He looked flushed, like he might faint. 

I went home to bed rest for 48 hours. A friend of mine who had recently gone through IVF (and is now happily pregnant) told me about eating pineapple and the core starting the day of transfer for the next five days. I figured it couldn't hurt so that's what I did. My friend told me to keep the baby house warm so I drank warm water with lemon. Oh and I slept on my left side and kept socks on. These are all of course "myths" but I figured I might as well try anything that might help.

Then we waited…

- Jenn

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