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Sisterly Love

Published on September 1, 2016 by Jenn and Peter
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Sisterly love


You are going to need your community supporting you. Share and ask for support when you need it. In our case we've had some amazing love and support throughout this journey from amazing friends and family. For example, my sister, KayMaria, has been a rock for us. Her love and understanding and strength and listening, well, let's just say she is a miracle in my/our life. She wanted to write something for our blog. I'll let her take it from here.


As someone who faced infertility and chose not to take medical steps in an attempt to conceive, I have been astonished by the actions, resources (time, energy, and money, for starters), and LOVE my brother Peter and future sister-in-law Jenn have devoted to becoming parents.

Their strength, commitment, and faith consistently amaze me, and I am beyond delighted that their efforts have resulted in a healthy pregnancy. The tenacity they have demonstrated throughout this unpredictable journey to parenthood reveals a hint of how tenacious they will be in nurturing, cherishing, and lovingly raising their children.

These are people who keep their eyes on the prize. I wish that all children were born to parents who wanted them as much as Jenn and Peter do. I cannot wait to meet my nephews and spend time getting to know who they are. I am eager to be present for them however and whenever they want and need for the rest of my life.

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