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Breaking the Stigma of Infertility in the Black Community with Dr. Mark Surrey and Mrs. North Carolina 2018, Nichelle Sublett

Breaking the Stigma of Egg Freezing in the Black Community with Dr. Carolyn Alexander

Black History Month

Infertility During COVID-19

What You Need to Know About Conception During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Choosing the Best Fertility Clinic for LGBTQ Families

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

What to Know About the Sperm Analysis Process

Hope After Infertility: What Are My Options?

Fertility Resolutions 2020: What To Do If You Want To Have a Baby

Infertility and Depression

We Want A Baby...Now What? Options for Gay Men

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CBD and Fertility

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Surrogacy Laws in the US

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Best States for LGBTQ+ Family Building

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Why California is a Great Place for Surrogacy

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An Overview of Fertility Tracking Technologies

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Reasons You Might Need a Surrogate

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SCRC Offers Access to Bright Expectations: An Egg Donor Agency and Expert Matching Service

Travel, Zika, and Trying to Conceive

Questions to Ask About Infertility Insurance Coverage

SCRC Celebrates Pride Month

Most Frequently Asked Questions to Our Fertility Doctors

5 Reasons to Sign up and Attend an Educational Fertility Event

5 Tips For Navigating Infertility and Mother's Day

SCRC at the Men Having Babies Conference in San Francisco

Yahoo Lifestyle Asks About Age and Male Fertility

What Factors Affect the Costs of Egg Freezing?

Male Infertility Treatment Options

What to Ask Your Doctor If You're Considering Egg Freezing

Evaluating Fertility Specialists

Being an Egg Donor

Statement Regarding the Recent Storage Malfunctions at Two Fertility Centers

When to Seek a Second Opinion

Egg Freezing Success Rates

How Can Acupuncture Help You Get Pregnant?

Keeping Your Cervix Healthy

10 Questions to Ask a Fertility Specialist on Your First Visit to an Infertility Clinic

What Are the Success Rates of Using Frozen Embryos in Your IVF Cycle?

How Many Eggs Should I Freeze?

Fertility Treatments for High FSH Levels

What is the ERA Test for Implantation Failure?

IVF Follicles: How Many Do You Need for Success?

Understanding Your Healing Process and 10 Practices to Help You Deal with Hardship

Does Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Affect Fertility? Pelvic Pain & Your Ability to Get Pregnant

How Breast Cancer Affects Fertility

Fertility Tests for Women: How Do You Test Your Fertility?

Egg Freezing Risks: What Are the Side Effects of Freezing Your Eggs?

When Should You See a Fertility Specialist?

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Fertility Preservation for Women with Ovarian Cancer

Are IVF Injections Painful? Tips for Fertility Shots

STDs & Fertility: Can You Get Pregnant With a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Hysterosalpingogram: How to Prepare, What to Expect, and Side Effects of the HSG Test

Implantation After IUI: Symptoms to Look for and What to Expect

Getting Pregnant after Laparoscopy: What You Need to Know

How to Improve Egg Quality for Pregnancy or IVF

Egg Freezing as a Fertility Preservation Option for Cancer Patients

How to Improve Your Uterine Lining to Prepare for IVF

Fertility Yoga: How to Reduce Stress While Trying to Conceive

Fertility after Chemotherapy: Can a Woman Get Pregnant after Cancer Treatment?

Donor Egg Pregnancy: How Using Donor Eggs Affects IVF Success Rates

Can Proper Nutrition Improve Fertility in Women with PCOS?

Taking Time off from Work for Fertility Treatments

What Is Reciprocal IVF for Lesbian Couples and How Much Does It Cost?

How to Pay for Your IVF Treatment: A List of Options

Talking about Infertility with Your Friends and Family

Egg Donation: What Are the Legal Considerations of Using Donor Eggs with Your Fertility Treatment?

Why IVF Labs Are Important to Fertility Treatment Success

Does IVF Increase Your Chances of Having Twins?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) vs. IVF: Which Is Right for You?

Male Infertility: Can Body Weight Affect Fertility Rates?

Can Cervical Polyps Cause Infertility?

Is IVF a Good Treatment Option for Women with Endometriosis?

Hydrosalpinx and Fertility: How the Diagnosis and Treatment can Affect IVF Success Rates

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Procedure: Can This Type of Artificial Insemination Work for You?

Trying to Conceive in 2017: An Infertility Reading List

What to Do Before and After Embryo Transfer: Tips for Embryo Implantation

IVF Pregnancy vs. Natural Pregnancy: Is There a Difference?

How Does Egg Freezing Work? Understanding the Egg Freezing Process

IVF Miscarriage: Know Your Risks

The Most Common Causes of Male Infertility

IVF Surrogacy: An Overview of the Process

The Evolution of Fertility Treatments and Development of IVF

Embryo Transfer: What to Expect After the Procedure

Infertility Community Resources to Use During Fertility Treatments

IVF Pregnancy: What to Expect Emotionally and Physically

IVF Side Effects: Understanding the Risks

Early Menopause and IVF: What Do I Need to Know?

The Power of Hope

Celebrities That Have Struggled with Infertility

Natural Cycle IVF Vs. Stimulated IVF: Pros and Cons


Deuces Wild

Should I Restrict Exercise During IVF?

From the Outside

What Are the Common Causes of Infertility?

Sisterly Love

Can IVF Cause Breast Cancer?


Keep Your Socks On

What Is Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)?

The Infertility Club

How to Cope with the Emotional Stress of IVF

She Isn't Crazy

What Is ICSI with IVF?

The Waiting Game

Side Effects of IVF Medication

Patience Is a Virtue

How to Prepare for Your First Fertility Clinic Appointment

Embryo Transfer Day

Post-Egg Retrieval: Fertilization

Retrieval Day

Failed IVF Cycles? Persistence Might Pay Off

Should I Consider Genetic Screening Prior to Fertility Treatment?

The Night Before

How Long Does IVF Take? An Overview of the IVF Process


Couples' Pre-Pregnancy Caffeine Consumption Linked to Miscarriage Risk

In Honor of National Cancer Survivors Day

Go In

Fertility Treatment Options for LGBT Couples

Embryo Freezing Compares Favorably with Fresh Embryo Transfer

IVF Gender Selection Methods

Shooting Up

Am I Too Young to Freeze My Eggs? Best Age for Egg Freezing

Online Dating, or Egg Donors?

Music Increases IVF Fertilization Rates

Donations Are Greatly Appreciated

Fresh vs. Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

It Takes a Village

IVF Diet: Nutritional Guidelines for Your Fertility Treatment

Biologically Speaking

What Factors Determine IVF Success Rates?

Paying the Emotional Toll

Factors Affecting the Cost of IVF

Baby Talk

Questions about IVF Egg Retrieval

Rough Road Ahead

Genetic Test Could Predict IVF Success

The Roller Coaster

Are You a Good Candidate for IVF?

A Fertility Specialist, a Royal Highness, and Me

What To Expect When You're (Waiting to Be) Expecting

Coming Up Rainbows

I Love a Parade

Is That a Wrinkle or a Twinkle in My Eye?

Super Supportive Friends

How to Baby Yourself on Mother's Day

Infertility Awareness Week


Separation Anxiety

D&G vs. IVF

Family Reunion

Modern Family

The Science of Fertility

Thank You

Freezing in the New Year

All I Want for Christmas

The Decision

Hatching a Plan

Google is Not a Doctor

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

Let's Talk About Drugs

Finding A Fertility Quick Fix… or So I Thought

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